incorpórea is

a multimedia collaboration between artists Yalili Mora (CU/ES) and Alicia Champlin (US/ES).

Both artists share an interest in visualizing the invisible, exploring the intangible fibers of identity, communication, and transformation. Mora brings an intuitive creative sensibility and multidisciplinary approaches to the plastic arts and installation, with a keen sensitivity for conceptual statements. Champlin often works empirically and algorithmically, using data, sound, and interaction to draw audiences to new conclusions. Together their work aims to trace through personal cartographies, marking waypoints of human orientation in a chaotic posthuman world.

Yalili Mora was born in the center of the island of Cuba and graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in 1991. Mora was a founding member of Grupo Punto and the Arte-Sur Coordinate Project in the City of Cienfuegos Cuba, based in the artist’s home: a project space and independent gallery, and alternative to the Cuban institutional circuit which made a lasting impact on relations between institutions and artists in Cuba. Mora is a multidisciplinary artist; her work covers installation, performance, painting, and she is currently researching technologies to visually represent the hidden world that exists in human beings. A member of the National Council of Plastic Arts of Cuba (CNAP) and of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), Mora has exhibited at the Ludgwid Foundation of Cuba, Track 16 Gallery United States, and Gothaer Kuntsforum of Köln, Germany. She is represented in collections in Spain, England, France, and Argentina as well as the MOLA (Los Angeles Museum of Latin American Art). Mora currently lives and works in Barcelona Spain.

Alicia Champlin is an american intermedial artist and researcher based in Barcelona since 2017. Her interactive performance “I Am Sitting…” has been staged at Black Mountain College {RE:Happening} in NC; Without Borders Festival in ME; in Barcelona, Spain; and in Bergen, Norway. Champlin holds an MFA in Intermedia from the University of Maine. She works primarily with generative systems and sound, using installation and performance to explore aspects of agency and embodiment. Recent exhibitions include the collaborative ‘Algorithms That Matter’ in Graz, Austria, in February, 2019.